The Maharani: A Diamond and Gem Studded Necklace for The Ages

29 Nov

The Maharani Necklace: Image Source-NY Times


When the director of Amrapali Jewels, Tarang Arora was looking for a show-stopping piece to showcase at the annual Jewelry Arabia Exhibit, he wanted it to be memorable saying, “I wanted to use as many diamonds as possible.”

The result produced the stunning Maharani necklace made with 232 rose-cut diamonds and an additional 3,000 full-cut diamonds. If that wasn’t enough, Arora added 365 karats of emeralds “strategically placed so that the necklace lays well on the shoulders.”

The necklace, which took a total of 8 months to fully construct, was done entirely by hand

Tarang told the New York Times,

“We had to remake it three times to get it to fall perfectly. Many of our pieces are inspired by jewelry from the Mughals. The Maharani Necklace was inspired by what the maharajahs, or kings, would wear. You would hardly ever see images of queens in India with jewelry as they believed in the purdah, or veiled system, that kept women secluded. I wanted to create a piece which is similar to the jewelry of the maharajah, but intended for today’s maharani.”

The Jewelry Arabia Exhibit ended on November 26 and took place in the tiny gulf country of Bahrain. It was attended by over 600 exhibitors from over 30 countries, all of who gushed over the spectacular the show-stopping Maharani.