Tiffany’s Unveils Its 2016 Holiday Windows and It Is Magical

30 Nov

Tiffany Holiday Window Recreating 30 Rockefeller Plaza


Tiffany and Co have unveiled its famed and traditional 2016 holiday windows display in New York City, and by all accounts, it is nothing shorter than magical.  According to a press release by Vice President Richard Moore, this year’s windows capture the “magical charm” of New York City:

“The windows feature a lavish picnic in Central Park with jewel-filled Christmas crackers, champagne, and cakes; a vignette of Rockefeller Center with its majestic tree, Prometheus in gold leaf, and angels; and a silhouette of a Manhattan skyline that floats along the Hudson River, displaying a Tiffany T-square bracelet.”


Tiffany window recreating the view on a Park Avenue terrace


Moore continues,

“We’ve created the ultimate Tiffany holiday with dazzling displays that showcase trees trimmed with jewels and vignettes of iconic New York City landmarks that are a nod to our heritage.”

Tiffany’s and Co; located on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, New York, usually produces a lavish event in which they invite members of the press, and invited guests for the big unveil.


Tiffany window recreating a winter picnic at Central Park


However, this year, things were a bit subdued because of security measures in place to protect President-Elect Donald Trump whose Trump Towers is less than a block from Tiffany’s flagship store. A company representative recently told Forbes Magazine that the increased security on 5th Avenue post-election are hurting sales.